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CJ Sunshine

An all original Acoustic based Alternative/Folk Artist who knows how to pull a crowd in close with guitar virtuosity, powerful lyrics, and ethereal sounding organ.  Born an Artist of many types, a story teller, a writer, a poet, a builder, a painter, he has amassed a large collection of “Guitar Art” which he offers for sale at his shows.  

With two new albums under his belt “Azalea” and “Clementine” and 3 compilation CD’s you can find his work on all streaming platforms and video sites.

Also a digital Artist CJ has a worldwide fanbase that watches his shows from his artistic laden LIVE streams which broadcast on several platforms simultaneously from every show he does.  This builds brand recognition for the venues that book him and gives his fans a unique insight into his legacy.

Available alone or with his “Sunshine Band” CJ makes it his mission to excite the crowd and keep them interested and yelling for more.  A Singer/Songwriter for most of his life he has the flexibility to change his lyrics to include the people in the crowd and the names of the venues he is playing at.  On the spot CJ likes to write to fit the needs of the crowd he is performing for in real time.