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Courtney Puckett

Courtney Puckett is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, from Salisbury, North Carolina. She started out playing clarinet in band class and taking private guitar lessons at the age of 12. She then moved on to high school marching band playing the clarinet, the mellophone, and the tuba. She enjoyed writing music with her friends but was always nervous to sing in public. She always dreamed of being a singer but didn’t know where to start since she never had real vocal training.
At East Carolina University, she decided to go out on a whim and audition for the women’s choir and she got in! Having an ear for music as an instrumentalist, she was able to learn how to create beautiful harmonies. Later, she decided to take private vocal and guitar lessons and her mentor encouraged her to try some open mics. Something sparked at that first open mic. She began diligently working on her craft and progressing to better and better gigs. She met her now husband, David Myers (of the band Big Break) who gave her even more insight with the music business and the creative process. In the fall of 2015, she formed the band Paper Wasps, an indie rock jazz group who has performed all around North Carolina. She continues to work with her musical projects but also wanted to embark on a new journey.
She decided to become a full time professional musician and with that has been performing solo gigs under her name. With this act, she has also hired musicians to work with her. She is now releasing an EP entitled “Out of the grey” that she wrote the songs for, produced, sang, played guitar, and layered vocal harmonies on. Joining her on the album is Carrie Webster on the violin, Eric Webster on upright bass, Louis Bodak on percussion, Alan Erickson on keys, Daniel Seriff on lead guitar, and Atticus Lane contributed a rap verse to a song.