Soap Bubble Circus

Steve Langley, founder of The Soap Bubble Circus, has made his living as a Circus Artist and Variety Entertainer his whole adult life. In his 25 years as one-half of The Fettucini Brothers, a comedy juggling duo, he traveled the world performing on cruise ships, appeared on countless TV shows on the A&E, Comedy, Food Channel and TNN networks, and even appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” Since reinventing himself as a Soap Bubble Artist, he has been experiencing a resurgence in his popularity and demand, as well as continuing to achieve new goals and reaching new career highs, from winning multiple Guinness World…

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Wandy the Maker

After learning about the negative effects of fast fashion on the environment, Andrew Burgess aka #wandythemaker took his passion for sewing and design and decided to upcycle thrifted blankets and clothing into the ultimate streetwear. Literally taking time away from living their dreams to be with us. From the bright lights and fame and NYC fashion shows… Please welcome home West Rowan High School graduate turned fashion icon… Andrew Burgess aka #wandythemaker and Paige Secrist #remygirlreworkedwho are gonna school us on the negative effects of #fastfashion and prove how thrifting, sewing, upcycling and sustainablefashion are all the rage and the way of the future.

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