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Our mission at Aspire Youth & Family is to assist young people in overcoming behavioral, emotional, or substance abuse obstacles, so they may realize their full potential. We provide counseling, life skills development, and education through experience, in a supportive environment that emphasizes the strengths of each individual.


An after-school program led by a chef and a Interpersonal / Vocational Coach, designed to help kids (ages 12-17) learn the technical skills of cooking while building better methods of communication.

It is a hands-on, exciting and unique way for them to learn and apply academic and social concepts. Additionally, the kids learn about nutrition and how a healthy diet contributes to greater well-being.

The Kids at Work! Program utilizes the model program, Say it Straight to improve assertive communication and conflict resolution skills. This after-school program is also a great way for teens to gain the skills they need, when they are ready, to get hired for a job.